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Adhesive Mounting
-Window frame with rubber seal > 3 mm -
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Adhesive Mounting

The MHZ adhesive set is an award winning screw less mounting
system for Pleated, Venetian (TwinLine), Roller (Skiro) and Roman
(Aero) blinds. It enables the blinds to be fitted with ease onto the
window pane, without any drilling or screwing! Specially developed
for the following taut blinds: the «TwinLine» Venetian blind, the pleated blind model «11-8220», «AREO» Roman blind and the «Skiro» Roller shade, the mounting system is simply adhered to the glass pane. The adhesive set is a perfect solution for mounting a shade on the window without tools and is therefore suitable for all living situations where the window may not, or should not be drilled.

Design Options:
The adhesive set is available for Pleated and Honeycomb shades
in model 11-8220, for the Twin Line Venetian blind model, the Aero
Romans shade and the Skiro Roller shade. Hardware color options
are White and Silver.

Video Adhesive