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Panel Blinds

Four Panel Blind systems are available to suit every style, application and budget. Carat_24 is the latest addition and offers a minimalist purist appearance, and an innovative attachment system allowing the panel carriers to be inserted without the removal of end caps or track, ideal for a wall to wall installation. New panel materials have been designed to complement the sophisticated, minimalist vocabulary of form and function used in Carat_24. Fully in tune with the modern Zeitgeist, these fabrics are characterized by subtle finishes, and luminous transparency whilst being extremely easy to handle and care for.

Design Options:
The Carat_24 fabric collection features 156 materials in 19 different weaves. Many of the Rollo fabrics can also be used for the Panel Blind systems. Hardware available in Silver and White as well as Stainless Steel Look, Brushed (Carat_24).