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Pleated & Honeycomb Blinds

Fabric plissee shades are highly functional and help create an
elegant and modern living space. Besides free-hanging systems
there is a taut system, which can be installed directly in the glass
frame. This allows for the door and or window to be operated
without interference. This is particularly advantageous for "tilt and
windows, patio doors, folding doors, and skylights. For unu-
sual shaped windows and skylights the plissee shades can
be customized to adapt for every situation.

Free hanging, single operation pleated shades
Single operation pleated shades are fixed at the top and free
hanging at the bottom. Only the bottom of the shade moves up
and down. Free hanging shades are cord operated or can be motorized.

Taut line-Top down / bottom up
Top down/ bottom up plissee shades can be moved from the
top down or the bottom up. A tab at the top and the bottom of
the shade lets you position the shade anywhere on the window
or door to accurately control lighting and privacy for every space.
Taut line systems are also available for skylights.

Mounting options
Plissee shades can be mounted between the glazing bead
(BTB), face mounted to the window, door or wall or ceiling moun-
ted. The mounting hardware is available in white, silver (anodized),
bronze (anodized) or black (anodized).

Design options
Plissee shades are offered in four different transparencies in
over 240 color choices. Many fabrics display special attributes
(non flammable, anti bacterial, high energy efficiency with Duette® "honeycomb" in over 130 colors to assure suitability for and variety for any situation).