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Venetian blinds
Venetian blinds should be able to do many things: Provide shade,
let in as much light as possible, enable you to see out, stop people
from peering in, look good and add style to any room. TwinLine was
developed to do all that, and more. TwinLine is a taut line system
that allows top down and bottom up operation. Position the shade
where you need it and adjust the slats in any position. Twinline TM
allows for a clear view above and closed off below, or closed off
above and clear view below, or clear view above and below or ...

Venetian blinds are also available free hanging, fixed for large glass
walls and for skylights. For unusual shaped windows and skylights
the Venetian blinds can be customized to adapt for every situation.

TwinLine-taut line venetian blind
Top down/ bottom up taut line venetian blinds shades can be
moved from the top down or the bottom up. A tab handle at the to
and the bottom of the shade lets you position the shade anywhere
on the window or door to accurately control lighting and privacy for
every space. An incorporated knob at the top handles allows for
the slats to be positioned at the desired angle. (slat adjustment
using a cord are also available)
Taut line systems are also available for skylights.

Free hanging venetian blind
Free hanging – single operation venetian blind:
Single operation venetian blinds are fixed at the top and free han-
ging at the bottom. Only the bottom of the shade moves up and
down. Free hanging shades can be operated manually with a
continuous chain, a crank, a cord, or can be motorized.

Mounting options
Venetian blinds can be mounted between the glazing bead (BTB),
face mounted to the window, door or wall or ceiling mounted. The
mounting hardware is available in white and silver (anodized). Blinds can be installed directly in the glass frame. This allows for the door and or window to be operated without interference. This is particularly convenient for "tilt and turn" windows, patio doors, folding doors, and skylights.

Design options
Venetian blinds come in more than 114 colors that reflect popular interior trends. Multiple finishes, such as smooth, glossy and matt are available as well as perforated designs. Slat sizes ranges from 16mm
(5/8”), 25mm (1”), 35mm (1 3/8”) and 50 mm (2”) depending on
slat style.